Servicing iPhones Since Inception

Our experience from working with iPhones since their advent speaks through our 90 days warranty, the same as Apple extends to its customers.

Experts Repair With Care

We service all Apple iPhone models subject to parts availability. We only use quality parts to give you a long-term trouble free operation. Our Quality Care and repair is designed for complete customer satisfaction.

Hardware Breakdown

Be it a dead phone, a broken display, headphone or a microphone issue, charging issues or simply a dead battery, home button or the volume buttons not working. Our expert help is at your service always.

Apple’s IOS issues

Your iPhone hangs suddenly; Apps don’t work properly or crash. The phone behaves erratically or you think there is a virus attack. If you iPhone data is at risk despite icloud backup, you can count on our engineers’ expertise.


Accidental Damage

Have you Dropped your iPhone Accidentally? Or Have you spilled something on it and have a Liquid Damage ? We can Fix Board Level Issues, Replace Damaged / Cracked Screens, TouchScreen Issues, Keyboard or Even replace Dented Bodies with Quality Spares and Components.

Power Adapter / Battery Issue

If your iPhone is not giving enough backup as expected or  you have a faulty Adapter just drop in with your set. We Keep most Batteries & Adapters for replacement. Walk In to check if the OSX is causing backup problems while your hardware may be OK. Free diagnosis, no strings attached.

Port / Network Issue

Having Trouble with Charging or USB Port with your power adapter not detected ? Having Network Connectivity Issues with Wi-fi or any erratic behaviour. Is your Touchscreen not working as expected ? Or the Buttons /Earphones not working as expected ? Call the Experts to fix such Problems

Accessorize Yourself

We can help you choose the accessory that meets your requirements and tastes. Whether it is a carry case or a screen guard! Want to connect your TV to your iPhone or  connect a gaming console, we are the experts you need to consult. We can even help you give presentations through your iPhone.

Get in Touch.

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