Sequre Services padded up in 1990 primarily to provide all types of IT services to its customers. We excel in LAN/WAN solutions, System Integration, Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Surveillance and Access Control Security Services. We have been technology partners for IBM, Google, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, Computer Associates, Lifesize, EMC, TVSE, HP and Motorola. To supplement our services, we have a team to provide repair and maintenance services for the products and solutions sold by us. Our association with Apple, IBM and TVSE included services through their Authorized service program including Applecare. Sequreservices provide specialized Out Of Warranty services for all Apple products including iPhones, iMacs, MacBooks, Mac minis, et al. We have been providing our specialized services to our valued customers in the Tricity of Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. We work diligently to provide our customer’s Value for their Money and a great service experience.


We have been providing services for all Apple products and continue to do so, even for those for which Apple has stopped support. Our 15 Years + experience is more than most of the engineers working with Applecare.

Quality Parts

We only use Quality parts sourced from the reliable component vendors, who have the capability and the capacity, to deliver the best and nothing but the best. This goes a long way towards our customer assurance policy.



Our engineers, some of them Apple certified, have the technical knowhow and the workmanship skills to handle the precision parts that go into assembling each Apple product. We take take great pride in our services.

Customer Experience

From the Point of contact, the moment you call us, to when we hand over your serviced/repaired device, it is our constant endeavour to keep updating our customers and provide expert inputs that help them get the best out of their Apple product. It is a part of our service that has been appreciated by many of our patrons.

Our Warranty

We provide a 90 Days warranty for all our services, the same as Apple Computer Inc.* It is not just the use of quality parts along with the expertise and skills of our engineers that make us who we are. It is that extra yearning to excel ourselves and our persistence in improving our processes constantly, that helps us make our customers smile.

Bang for Your Buck

All that and and more for less’ is what drives our pricing policy. Most of our services are less than half the price of what Applecare charges from customers. It is our policy to reduce the total cost of ownership of an Apple device so that more customers can adopt and take advantage of this wonderful technology suite.

We have been the Apple Authorized Service Provider until 2014.

Today we have no relationship with Apple Computer Inc.

We acknowledge that MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini and iPhone are registered names of Apple products owned by Apple Computer Inc. We do not have any claim on these names in any way.